Shopping with Kaboodle

One of my favorite pastimes is online “window” shopping. I regularly come across cute accessories, home decor, books, and other fun objects on the web. As I can’t buy everything I see, it would be nice if my family and friends could get a nice managable wishlist so they know what to get me for birthdays, Christmas etc. So when I came across I was instantly hooked! It’s a shopping/fashion site all about saving the stuff you like so you can easily find it again, share it with friends, blog about it etc. It’s so easy and user friendly and you keep getting inspired by what other “kaboodlers” are saving on their lists. I’d definitely recommend it for shopaholics, women in general, list-makers and designaholics. All you have to do is sign up and add a Kaboodle button to your browser. Whenever you see something you like, you just press the button and the item, price, weblink, and description is instantly added to your account for easy viewing. And best of all, it’s FREE!




Cute Glitter Fish

I love to collect curious objects and yesterday I added two new “friends” to my collection. A couple of months ago I went by a window display and two really cute glittery fish in yummy sorbet colors caught my eye. I instantly asked if I could buy them and were told that when the display was taken down I could have two of them. Others had been in before me and had ordered the rest. So yesterday I got the call that they were ready for pick-up and I now just need to find out where to display them. They are rather large so it’s a challenge but aren’t they just lovely? I’ll call them Chloe and Cleo haha.


Shag and the Haunted Mansion

My all-time favorite ride is Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris. It’s been my favorite since I went on it as an 8-year old girl in 1992 when the park opened. It didn’t scare me as mush as fascinate me. I loved the effects, the see-through dancing ghosts, the sad bride in her ripped weddingdress as well as the hall of changing portraits. I’ve been on the ride dozens of times and always feel a little sad when I haven’t visited for a while. 

I’ve never been to any of the US parks but by the looks of it the Haunted Mansion is very similar til Phantom Manor. Believe it or not but HM is celebrating it’s 40-year anniversary and one of my absolute favorite artists, Shag, has created a series of prints and merchandise to celebrate the event. This can’t be bought online unless I hunt it down at insane prices on eBay, so I’ll just have to make due with low-res pictures. Shag is amazing and has previously made awesome designs for Disneyland. His simple but recognizable style as well as his use of colors, textures and characters make his work really appealing. I’m dying to get my hands on some of this stuff, especially the really cute charm bracelet, urn cookie jar, coasters and glasses. Some of his beautiful prints would also look really good on my plain white walls.



Shopping at AMNH

I was researching a little to plan for my trip to NY and came across the American Museum of Natural History’s onlineshop. They have some really nice items. It’s a bit on the pricey side but have a look anyway. You might get inspired. The one thing I really really want is this hand-embroidered pillow. It looks so good with the vintage art deco New York font and all the different colors.


 I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this awesome velocerapotor skull replica either. Would fit nicely in my collection of odd objects.


Customize with Tokidoki

I really love Tokidoki. It’s become a little more mainstream than it used to be, but that doesn’t make the designs less appealing. I like the colors and the clutter in the designs. There’s always lots to look at and new details to be found. So I was pleasantly surprised to see these laptop and Iphone GelaSkins on the UrbanRetro website, as well as other cute items. Looks like I might be getting an Iphone in the future, if just to justify buying one of these lovely skins. Even my lovely minimalistic Macbook Air might get a makeover haha.



Shopping at Top Shop

Summer sale extravaganza has hit Copenhagen and all the lovely summer items can be bought for very little money. One of the places I’d most like to spend my hard earned cash is Top Shop. They have created some really girly, sassy and edgy items for both the summer season as well as new items for the fall and I’m totally in love. They have a way of blending classic and elegant details with lots of bold colors and materials. I like mixing up my style and renewing my wardrobe with value street fashion finds, and Top Shop offers a way to do that. So visit their site if you want to see some of their new cool items, or check out some of my personal favorites below.


Fight the heat with cute mini cooling fans

Right now the weather in Denmark is hot, but cool enough to get by. But according to the meteorologists the heat is coming and will most likely be unbearable. So why not fight it in style with these cute or classic cooling fans. They’re relatively cheap, fit right into your pocket and will surely bring a smile to your face. I’ve added pics of some of my favorites but there are loads more here. Which one do you like the most?


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